As a family, we have been caring for the elderly for over 40 years

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For help and advice contact Alison on 01274 566888


Current fees are available upon request, but we ask you to please note that, whilst fees do include normal laundry, they do not include hairdressing, chiropody (chiropody may be available on the National Health), newspapers, extra nursing care or additional laundry/dry cleaning.


Financial Help

Relatives may wish to know that in cases where a prospective resident has insufficient means to meet the cost of care in a private residential home, there is financial help available through various government departments. The proprietors will be pleased to give further details of this help.

Setting High Standards in Care

We have been caring for people for over 35 years — in the NHS, Social Services, and our own care homes. We were in care before we were in business.

We believe passionately that: if we're not doing it right, we shouldn't be doing it at all. Any concerns about our homes will be investigated and addressed promptly.

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Our care homes have been awarded the Government's Investor in People award, which shows our commitment to residents and staff.