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For help and advice contact Alison on 01943 817082

Ladies in Waiting is a domiciliary care agency, based in Ilkley, providing care, companionship and mobility to elderly people in their own homes, enabling them to live independently.

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  • Care Services

    Care Services

    We provide as little or as much care as a client needs, in order to continue living their life as independently and individually as possible. We help maintain freedom, dignity and privacy in a sensitive and professional manner.

    Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, therefore we strive to provide a flexible service, tailored to each individual in a way that compliments and benefits their day-to-day requirements.



    How Much Care?

    We offer our care services from as little as 1 hour a week to 24 hours a day.

    We can deliver care on a short- or long-term basis, and for post-operative care or convalescence.

    We strive to maintain continuity in relation to the care worker and the client, therefore building up a relationship of reliability, trust and often friendship.

    The care staff at Ladies in Waiting are mostly women (due to demand, rather than design). All act as care workers rather than nurses; we do not deliver nursing care. All have varied experience in care, ranging from Nursing qualifications and NVQ training to general experience in the care sector.

    Ladies in Waiting strive to be dependable and reliable.



    Ladies in Waiting Provide...

    Personal Care

    We can provide assistance with bathing, washing, dressing, taking medications, getting up or going to bed. This can be as little or as often as you like, from 1 to 24 hours a day. We do not deliver nursing care.


    We provide companionship, just to chat, to go out, or to share interest and hobbies. This can be as little or as often as you like, from 1 to 24 hours.

    Domestic Assistance

    We provide assistance around the home: laundry, meal preparation & cooking, washing up, tidying up, vacuuming, and the collection of prescriptions, pensions etc.


    We can arrange for approved tradesmen to provide services like gardening, decorating, repairs, window and carpet cleaning, etc.


    Carers are available to either go shopping on your behalf, or, if you prefer, you can go together.

    Trips Out

    You may have an important appointment, a hospital visit, a wedding to attend, or just wish to go out for a drive. We can provide a driver, companionship and the support you need during trips out.

    Day and Evening Sitters

    We can provide company for you, during the day or evening.

    Night Sleepers

    Carers are available to help you get ready for bed, retiring to a nearby bedroom, and wake to assist you during the night, as required. In the morning, they are there to help you to get up and prepare breakfast, if needed.

    24-hour Care/Companionship

    24-hour care is available (depending on your requirements and staff availability at the time of enquiry). Care is normally divided into 2 day shifts and a night sleeper. Carers can be with you constantly, or unobtrusively.

    On-Call Service

    If you do not require regular visits, you may benefit from a phone call (at a time suitable to you) to check you are okay, and to see if you require anything.

    If you can't get there yourself, we can check on a parent for you.

    Hospital After-care

    We can assist you with your chores, after a stay in hospital.

    Terminal Care

    We provide care for terminally ill people, in conjunction with other care/nursing teams.

    Our service is for adults only. We do not intend to deliver care to any client under the age of 18, or with acute/severe mental health problems.

  • Philosophy of Care

    Philosophy of Care

    We are committed to training and developing all staff to have the understanding, skills and competence to carry out their roles successfully and happily, and to accomplish:

    • to promote the physical, social and psychological wellbeing of all our clients
    • to create a secure and caring environment
    • to protect and maintain privacy and client autonomy
    • to promote and maintain high standards of care
    • to support and inform relatives and significant others

    We (Ladies in Waiting) strive to maintain continuity, in relation to the care worker and the client, therefore building a relationship of reliability, trust and (often) friendship.

    Ladies in waiting is registered with the Care Quality Commission, where you will be able to request a copy of our most recent Inspection Report on 0300 061

     6161, or by going on line to their website at

    In everything we do, Ladies In Waiting strives to, and achieves the very highest standards of care and service to all of our client’s. We individually tailor each care package to our client’s specific requests and requirements. We pride ourselves on the time and thought which goes into the correct selection of every staff member which is sent to a client.

  • Advice Centre

    Advice Centre

    Careline - How does it work?

    The alarm unit operates over the telephone network. Equipment supplied by us plugs into an electrical socket and a telephone point. These need to be reasonably close together. We can check if your existing sockets are suitable, and advise if any alterations are necessary. We regret we cannot pay for any changes that may be required.

    At our Careline offices, information provided and approved by you is held on computer and is instantly available so that effective action can be taken in any emergency. The moment a call is received, the operator will know your name, address, GP, next of kin and keyholder information. All information is confidential. CARELINE has access to mobile response teams who operate throughout the district. They are trained in first aid, and provide a backup to your named contacts. Mobile staff can assist in a simple emergency but are not able to perform “care tasks”.

    Phone Bradford  (01274) 434994

    Careline Centre

    You can also e-mail for further information Careline, 5 Canon Pinnington Mews


    Attendance Allowance - rates and how to claim

    Attendance Allowance is paid at two rates depending on how your disability affects you. The claim pack gives some examples of different levels of care needs. You can claim Attendance Allowance online.



    Attendance Allowance    Weekly rate

    Higher rate                            £71.40

    Lower rate                             £47.80


    How to claim

    Claim straight away - if you delay you may lose benefit.

    You can claim online or get a claim pack by:


    Call the Benefit Enquiry Line

    This is a confidential freephone service for disabled people and carers. You can call the Benefit Enquiry Line and ask them to send you a claim pack. They can send you the claim pack  in an alternative format if required - for example, Braille.

    They can also arrange for someone to help you fill out the form if required. Please note that the person you speak to may need to arrange for someone to phone you back.

    Telephone: 0800 88 22 00   Textphone: 0800 24 33 55

    You can also use the Text Relay service.

    The Benefit Enquiry Line is open from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm Monday to Friday and from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday.

    If you request a claim pack from the Benefit Enquiry Line, the date of your phone call  will be treated as your date of claim from which Attendance Allowance can be paid, as long as you send your form back within six weeks of that date. If you delay making a claim, you may lose out on benefit.

    The person taking your call will not have your personal papers but will be able to give you general advice. This advice must not be taken as a decision about your claim.


    Direct Payments

    What are Direct Payments?

    Direct Payments are an alternative to receiving part or all of your services from Social Services and Bradford District Care Trust after your social care needs have been assesse d. They give you money to arrange your own services to meet these needs.


    Why would I want Direct Payments?

    Because Direct Payments allow you to take more control of the decisions that affect your life. They are intended to give you more independence, flexibility and choice -- you are the one who decides how your assessed needs are met, by whom and at what time.


    Will I be able to receive Direct Payments?

    Yes -- if services are recommended after an assessment by Social Services, you or your child can be considered for Direct Payments.


    If I’m offered Direct Payments, can I refuse?

    Yes, remember Direct Payments are an alternative to services provided by Social Services – the choice is yours!


    What can I spend the money on?

    The money is for you to use for arranging the services the Care Manager / Social Worker has assessed that you need. The Direct Payments Support Officer can confirm exactly what it can or can’t be spent on.


    Will I receive enough money to meet my needs?

    The amount of money you receive will be based on your assessed needs. The Direct Payments Support Officer can help you to budget the money, to make sure you can pay for the care you need.


    Whom do I employ?

    A “Personal Assistant” to help you with your assessed needs. There are certain conditions about whom you can employ but you can discuss this with the Direct Payments Support Officer.

    You can also use Direct Payments to pay an agency to provide you with help to meet your assessed needs.


    How do I get the money?

    You need to set up a separate bank account for yourself, used only for Direct Payments. The Council pays the money straight into this account.


    I’m concerned about becoming an employer

    This is understandable. There’s a lot to set up at first, i.e. recruiting/advertising, job descriptions, contract of employment. You may also have to pay Income Tax & National Insurance contributions.

    But there is help available!

    As well as the Direct Payment Support Services there are support networks that will deal with any Tax & National Insurance contributions both by the employee and yourself. They will calculate the amounts, issue wage slips etc. There is a charge for this service but we allow for this in your Direct Payments so you won’t be out of pocket!


    What if I decide to use an agency?

    Then you won’t have the responsibilities of an employer -- instead you will just pay the agency directly by invoice.


    Will I need to keep records of all this?

    Yes, the money you receive is public money from the Council tax payer. You will have to keep a record of how you spend it.


    Will I still be eligible for money from the Independent Living Fund?

    If you meet the criteria of The Independent Living Fund, the money you receive from them won’t be affected by your Direct Payments.


    Will I have to contribute anything?

    We do have a charging policy for people who receive Home Care and Day Care services – how much you contribute will depend on your income. You will need to pay your calculated contribution into the separate bank account, because this will be deducted from the Direct Payment you receive.

    Direct payments - 01274 438700

  • Customer Testimonials

    What our clients say about us


    Dear Ladies In Waiting

    I am very happy to send you my comments as I so impressed with Ladies In Waiting who looked after my late father. They combined complete professionalism with great kindness, humour, and compassion, and made the last two years of his life a joy for him. He thoroughly looked forward every day to the arrival of his visiting lady, and Brenda and Susan in particular became real companions and friends to him.

    I was so impressed with the flexibility and efficiency of Ladies In Waiting which was combined with the human touch; whenever I had an emergency they were always there. I was not only kept fully informed about my father's condition, but also treated with compassion myself and given helpful and timely advice. Neither Dad or I could have managed the last two years without the help of your service. All the very best Rosemary.



    Dear All at Ladies In Waiting

    The service provided by Ladies In Waiting during my mothers recent illness (which lasted for a 7 month period), was absolutely outstanding. Punctual, professional, informative, and efficient at all times.

    With a very high level of compassion and care we received, means I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending Ladies In Waiting to any potential clients.

    Mr. Walter



    Dear All

    My wife was struck by Ramsey Hunt Syndrome, which destroyed overnight her balance and affected her senses in other ways.

    It is therefore unwise to leave my wife alone for long, and there are household routines which my wife can no longer perform.

    In my absence my wife has been assisted by the carers from Ladies In Waiting for two years. During this time our relationship with the management of Ladies In Waiting, and their carers has been entirely happy.

    The carers are regular and without exception have been capable, sympathetic, understanding, and above all, friendly.

    We have complete confidence in them and they have enriched our lives.

    Thank you all.

    Sir Linacre K.B.E.



    To Everyone at Ladies In Waiting

    On behalf of my brother and myself, I would like to thank all carers who have looked after mum over the past few years. Mum’s care has been superb and we are very grateful to everyone who has not only cared for mum, but also for also becoming mum’s friends.

    Mum is now very happily settled in the Nursing Home, it has been a good move for her, and would love to see any of her carers if they would like to come and visit.

    We feel we did the best we could to keep mum in her own home as long as possible, and thank you for helping us to do that.

     Mrs. Barker



    Dear Teresa

    I am writing to thank you and your staff for the wonderful level of care you provided for my mother. Ladies In Waiting have been my mother's principal carers for many years and i deeply appreciate the commitment, integrity and compassion of all your staff.

    Your Ladies have shown initiative and sympathy as situations arose, and as I live some distance away this has continued to give me peace of mind.

     Please convey my deepest gratitude to everyone at Ladies In Waiting.

    Mrs. Whyte



    Dear Teresa and all the wonderful carers

    My brother and I would just like to let you all know how very we appreciated your kindness and helpfulness over the past few years;

    Firstly in helping my father and lately my mother, it has given us much peace of mind to know you were always on hand to step in wherever needed and completely reliable.

    My mother was much comforted by her carers during her life and came to regard her carers as friends as well. Mum was very fond of ‘her ladies’.

    With very many thanks to you all, and the very best wishes for the future.

    Mrs. Connor



    "The Agency provides very helpful, considerate and knowledgeable carers".

    "An excellent service, staff are always punctual and stay the required length of time".

    "“Ladies in waiting provided dutiful and caring help after my illness".

  • About Ladies in Waiting

    Trust     Companionship     Care

    Ladies In Waiting is family run business, which is based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and has operated successfully for over 12 years. During this time Ladies In Waiting has expanded it's delivery of 3* Excellent care service to all the surrounding areas of Ilkley, and currently provides services for over 100 clients.

    Ladies In Waiting currently employs 44 members of staff from Ilkley and surrounding areas (these would include Bingley, Skipton, Baildon, Otley, Guisley etc).  The age range of our staff members is from 38 through to 72, with the vast percentage of our ladies being in their late 40’s to 50’s.

    As a result Ladies In Waiting has a mature, consistently dependable, flexible, and level-headed workforce.

  • Careers


    Career Opportunities as a Care Worker

    As a care worker with Ladies in Waiting you too could make a real difference to someone’s life.

    A care worker’s duties can often include:

    • Companionship
    • Preparation of meals (care workers will typically prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner & light snacks)
    • Shopping service (where care workers will accompany service users on visits or do for them)
    • Collecting pensions (you can be assured that our care workers can be entrusted at all times)
    • Household cleaning service (care worker will complete all   domestic tasks required by the service user)
    • Laundry service
    • Personal care
    • Get up service
    • Putting to bed service
    • Day/night sitting (where care workers offer companionship and support)
    • Hospital discharge service (where care workers are there to support in the home when a service user comes home from hospital)
    • Relief/respite holiday service (care workers will provide care to relieve family members or friends for a short period.

    Working for Ladies in Waiting as a care worker, you can make a real difference to our Service Users’ lives, providing personal care or support to people living within their own homes.

    Whether you are an experienced care worker, looking for a few hours a week or full time hours, we can find the work to suit you.

     Or maybe you have no previous experience but would like to develop a new career as a care worker, we also can help. The variety of placements we have available for care workers means that we can offer you choice in your work, full training and the opportunity to develop your caring nature into a fantastic career.

  • Contact Us

    Contact Teresa

     If you need advice on any aspect of caring for you or a relative, please do not hesitate to call Teresa on 01943 817082, who will be very pleased to help.

    You can also contact us using the web form below, or you can write to us at the following address.

    We aim to respond within one working day.

    For More Information

    Ladies in Waiting

    10 Skipton Road, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 9EJ


    Call Teresa on 01943 817082 or e-mail





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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of service do Ladies in Waiting provide?

    Ladies in Waiting provide care and companionship in your home from 1 to 24 hours.
    Care provided:

    •     Personal care
    •     Companionship
    •     Domestic assistance
    •     Shopping
    •     Trips out


    How much does it cost?

    To receive our cost of services please call our dedicated team on 01943 817082 or email


    What areas do you cover?

    We provide care in Ilkley, Addingham, Baildon, Shipley, Bingley, Otley, Moortown, Rawdon, Bramhope, Skipton and surrounding areas.


    Are Ladies in Waiting carers police-checked?

    By law, are workers in the UK must obtain a criminal Records Bureau disclosure and protection of vulnerable persons check before they are allowed to work unsupervised in the health care sector. All of our carers will have had these checks before being introduced to a client.


    How throughly are your Ladies in Waiting Carers trained?

    The care staff we supply to you will have had training that meets the standard required by the Care Standards Act 2002. Most of our care staff will have qualifications that exceed these standards. We also supply the necessary updates and extra courses that equip our carers to undertake the type of care that they wish to specialise in.


    When my care begins will I always get the same carer?

    We know how important it is for you to build a rapport with your carer and so we try very hard to keep the same carer with you. There are times when this is unavoidable and in order to keep continuity of care we will have to send you another carer. This is when your usual carer is on holiday or off sick, but we will inform you prior to your visit.

  • Statement of Purpose & Service User Guide

    Statement of Purpose and Service User Guide

    This page has been produced to try and answer some of the questions you may have. We do appreciate that all your questions may not be fully answered here, please feel free to talk through any queries or concerns you may have on a personal or financial basis with a member of the management team at any time.


    Ladies in Waiting is owned by Crabtree Care Home Services Ltd

    Mr David Crabtree RMN is the Proprietor

    Mr Andrew Crabtree BA is the Registered Manager

    Mrs Teresa Oates is the Office / Operations Manager


    Organisational Structure

    Mr D Crabtree - Director

    Mr A Crabtree – Registered Manager - Director

    Mrs T Oates – Office Manager

    Mrs Julie Moore – Accounts Administrator

    Care staff – 65 staff members


    Ladies in Waiting are a domiciliary care agency based in Ilkley. We provide care and companionship to people in their own home. We are registered with the Commission for Social Care Inspection. Providing as little or as much care as a client needs in order to continue living their life as independently and individually as possible, whilst maintaining their freedom, dignity and privacy in a sensitive and professional manner. Client’s needs are constantly changing therefore we strive to provide a flexible service tailored to your individual needs in a way that compliments and benefits your day-to-day requirements.

    We strive to maintain continuity in relation to the care worker and the client, therefore building up a relationship of reliability, trust and often friendship.


    Our Aims and Objectives


    •     To promote the physical, social and psychological well being of the clients.
    •     To protect and maintain client privacy and autonomy.
    •     To promote and deliver high standards of care.
    •     To provide assistance wherever there is a need, across the full range of the adult age group, colour and creed.
    •     To provide levels of care, as required, within the client’s own home, providing employment for our staff. We are committed to running Ladies in waiting as a sound and profitable business.
    •     To accomplish these objectives we are committed to training and developing all staff to have understanding skills and competencies to carry out their roles successfully and happily.


    Ladies in Waiting provide this service in the Ilkley and surrounding areas including Burley in Wharfedale, Burley Woodhead, Menston, Otley, Addingham, Bradley, Skipton and surrounding areas. Our delivery of care or companionship depends on staffing levels and your requirements at the time. Every effort will be made to deliver a request in these areas. Requests for care outside these areas will be assessed on an individual basis.

    The care staff at Ladies in Waiting are mainly female, this is solely due to demand rather than design, and all act as care workers rather than nurses, we do not deliver nursing care. They all have varied experience in care, ranging from nursing qualifications, NVQ training and general experience in the care sector.

    This service is for adults only; we do not intend to deliver care to any client under the age of 18, or with acute/ severe mental health problems. We can deliver care on a short or long term basis, for post- operative care or to convalesce.

    Ladies in Waiting strive to be dependable and reliable, to arrive at the specified time and work for the full amount of time allocated or until the required tasks are completed.

    If a care worker does not arrive, then contact the office and every effort will be made to arrange for an alternative member of the staff to attend immediately unless the service is purely a social/domestic call in which case, alternative arrangements will be made at the convenience of the client. There is always one member of the management team available to deal with emergencies.

    A member of the management team interviews applicants applying for employment within Ladies in Waiting, references are applied for and a Criminal Records Bureau check is carried out. Carers are not able to start work until two satisfactory references had been received written or verbal.

    Staff are required to complete an application form, health form, enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check and CRB disclosure declaration form. All applicants are also required to have a ISA First Check.

    Ladies in Waiting are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always on the same phone number which is 01943 817082. We would ask you to ring between the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday, unless it is an emergency.

    Prior to delivering care to a new client, all prospective clients are assessed in his or her own home, by a member of the management team. Their current situation, needs, wishes and requirements would be talked through with the prospective client and often a member of their family or close friend.

    A risk assessment, care plan and falls assessment (if the client had sustained a fall within the last year) would be completed, covering potential risks to the client and to the care worker. This risk assessment would cover personal care, physical abilities, feeding and diet, cognition and general behaviour.

    This information would be studied by management, who would decide whether we could provide the required level and amount of care by staff qualified to do so for the length of time needed.

    If we felt we could competently commit to providing the required service, then the information relevant to the care of the client would be documented in a care plan along with our complaints procedure, which would be duplicated, so that one copy would be safely stored with Ladies in Waiting and the second copy would be at the client’s own home, accessible to the client and their family and the allocated member/s of staff could adhere to this and make a report after each visit.

    Therefore the client and their family are kept fully informed about the care the client is receiving. This care plan may be reviewed annually, or when necessary, if the client’s requirements change for example.

    Clients or their relatives/representatives (with permission of the client) are able to see their personal files kept at Ladies in Waiting in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. These files may be reviewed as part of the inspection and regulation process of the Commission for Social Care Inspection.

    Clients are free to arrange a personal visit with management to discuss any changes they may wish to make or any queries or concerns they may have.

    Ladies in Waiting strive to be flexible; we would aim to install any alterations as quickly as possible. Questionnaires are sent out on a regular basis to fill in anonymously if desired so that we can actively strive to deliver a high quality of care by acting on any concerns or compliments received.

    Ladies in Waiting has effected a Public and Employers Liability insurance policy to indemnify against costs incurred in respect of proven acts for which Ladies in Waiting can be held liable for in law.

    Two copies of the Terms and Conditions would be issued to the client for them to sign, or whoever was acting on their behalf. One copy would be sent back to Ladies in Waiting and stored in their file. To see an example of out Terms and Conditions of Service please contact Ladies in Waiting.

    All our policies and procedures are held at the Ladies in Waiting office, and are available for anyone to read.

    Ladies in Waiting encourage our clients and their families to discuss any queries or concerns with the management, without hesitation, so therefore we can strive to provide a high level of care which enhances and compliments our client’s individual needs.


    Equal opportunities policy

    Ladies In Waiting is committed to providing a service which individuals are able to receive the highest level of care, irrespective of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief.

    In order to create conditions in which this goal can be realised, Ladies In Waiting is committed to identifying and eliminating unlawful discriminatory practices, procedures and attitudes throughout the Company.

    Ladies In Waiting requires employees to support and uphold this commitment and to assist in its realisation in all possible ways.

    Specifically, Ladies In Waiting aims to ensure that no potential Client or current Client are subject to unlawful discrimination, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of gender, race (including colour, nationality or ethnic origin), disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief.

    It is a core value of Ladies In Waiting that individuals who wish to use our services are solely assessed on their needs and our ability to meet those needs, irrespective of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief.

    Equal opportunities practice is developing constantly as social attitudes and legislation change. Ladies In Waiting will keep its policies under review and will implement changes where these could improve equality of opportunity.

    If you have a complaint or concern the person to discuss it with first is the person in charge at the time. Ladies in Waiting can be reached 24 hours a day on 01943 817082. If the problem cannot be resolved on the spot, then the complaint will automatically handed on to the Registered Manager, within 48 hours.

    If it were an extremely serious complaint e.g. abuse, then the Registered Manager would be informed immediately. A record of any complaints will be kept and the clients and their relatives will be informed of the developments.

    The results of the investigation together with a plan of action to prevent the same situation recurring will be passed on to the client and/or relatives within 28 days.

    If this should not result in an outcome that you are entirely happy with you should raise the matter with our registration authority.

    You can contact the Regional office of the (CQC) Care Quality Commission at: -


    Care Quality Commission

    Yorkshire & Humberside, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4PA

    Tel: 0191 233 3300    Fax: 0191 233 3301


    In addition to the CQC, should you feel that there is a situation where a vulnerable person may be in a situation where they are being abused, please contact the nearest Adult Protection Unit:


    Bradford Metropolitan District

    Adult Protection Unit, Olicana House, Chapel Street, Bradford, BD1 5RE

    Telephone: General enquiries - (01274) 431077   Duty / New referrals - (01274) 434442


    This document is reviewed annually, and updated as necessary.

Customer Comments and Testimonials

I am very happy to send you my comments, as I am so impressed with Ladies In Waiting who looked after my late father. They combined complete professionalism with great kindness, humour, and compssion, and made the last two years of his life a joy for him.

"Ladies In Waiting provides very helpful, considerate and knowledgeable carers".

"An excellent service, staff are always punctual and stay the required length of time".

"Ladies in waiting provided dutiful and caring help after my illness".

Please click on the Testimonial tab to find more customer comments about their experience of our service.

 Ladies In Waiting….Is proud to be different


We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an outstanding level of care to our clients.

  •  We always visit at a time convenient to the client.
  • We employ mature care workers who will provide care from 1 hour to 24 hours.
  • We pride ourselves in ensuring continuity of care by providing the same carers. This creates stronger relationships with the client and their families.
  • Our state of the art computer dial-in system confirms the arrival and departure times to the office of our mature care workers, through the use of a unique to the care worker, and free to the client telephone number.
  • All our staff receive an enhanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau, as well as references and background checks. This is done to ensure that the agency is satisfied that the staff member is an appropriate and experienced individual to look after our clients.
Caring for you

Our unique service guarantees visits of at least one hour, at the specified time the client’s want. Our client’s know that we always arrive on time, and that we always send the same care workers.

Whether the client is temporarily out of action, or needing long-term care or assistance, we assess the personal needs of each individual, and create a plan to ensure that the best care is provided.  We aim to maintain the client's independence, dignity and freedom.

Our unique service guarantees visits of at least one hour, at the specified time the client’s want. Our client’s know that we always arrive on time, and that we always send the same care workers.

Ladies In Waiting operates a unique dial-in telephone system, that confirms the arrival time and departure time of our care workers at a client’s home. This secure telephone system uses a 0800 telephone number which is absolutely free and does not cost a penny to our client’s, or even appear on our client’s telephone bills.

What this system creates is a safe, secure, and reliable ‘real-time’ monitoring of all of our staff, which ensures that we always know that our staff members have arrive safely and at the time requested by our client’s.


Call us: 01943 817082

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